Steering Update

I checked in to see how my car was progressing and found out that the biggest reason for the steering play was due  to the steering coupler that was installed on the car.  It had several issues.  First, it was installed incorrectly and could come loose while driving the car.  That was bad enough, but there was still more.  The steering coupler on the car had some type of polyurethane insulator on it that had deteriorated over time and had pretty much fallen apart.  This part was not an original Mustang part, but I had purchased it at the Ford dealer as a genuine Ford part that was a replacement for the 60’s Mustang part.  Val said he had never seen one like it before and had never seen one where the insulator had just fallen apart into pieces.  The original coupler wasn’t useable as half of the splines inside it were ground away.  That was probably the reason I replaced it many years ago, but i honestly don’t remember.  Val said the bad steering coupler accounted for most of the play in my steering.  He also told me that he’s been tied up with another car and should be getting back to working on mine later in the week.