Spring Is Almost Here

Spring is right around the corner, at which time I plan to finish up my post paint reassembly.  I did find a warm day here and there, so I was able to accomplish a few small tasks.  Within the next few weeks I hope to be able to wrap up most of the remaining items.

I found some time to look at the rear quarter window that wouldn’t move.  I had to take apart some of the interior panels that I had refinished and installed, but it was a pretty small job.  The plastic rollers had crumbled and disintegrated, so I ordered a new pair.  The parts are here for when I get an opportunity to install them.

I managed to get the trunk lid and lower door weatherstripping glued into place.  I’m not happy with the trunk lid fit now.  Before it would shut with one finger.  After installing the weatherstrip I needed to slam it shut.  I’ve been leaving it to see if the weatherstrip will compress some.  But I may need to remove it and try again.  But the door bottom weatherstrip appears to fit fairly well.  I went ahead and installed the sound deadener inside the doors, the window lower stops, watershields, door panels, arm rest pads, door handles, and window cranks.  The doors are now pretty well buttoned up.

Next I went back to work on the trunk.  I installed the rest of the sound deadener and insulation.  I had purchased a carpet kit to install in place of the factory trunk mat.   I spent quiet a bit of time attempting to wrestle all of the pieces into place.  It’s OK for now, but I need to go back and adjust the fit a little bit more after the weather warms up.  I think I may also have a few more pieces of insulation I can install in the trunk as well.

I also decided to purchase a molded headliner to use in place of the original moonskin fabric style.  That took a lot of wrestling and poking of holes to get installed.  I haven’t finished it yet, and I’m not completely happy with the fit.  It is just a tiny bit too short to reach the front and rear windshield weather strip which is used to hold the headliner in place.  I have a plan to hold it up that should work fine and not be very visible.  I’ll post more along woth some pictures once I have completed the installation.

Over the next couple of weeks, weather permitting, I plan to finish up the rear quarter window, interior, and trunk.  That leaves a few items under the hood like the front weatherstripping and windshield washer.  I also have the wheel well moldings to install.  My vintage license plates are back from the restorer and ready to install as well.I most likely have a few other trim parts to install, which I will inventory as soon as I go back through my parts list and parts bin.  But the end is pretty close and I can enjoy the upcoming car cruise and show season.

More to come, hopefully soon.