Frame Rail Rust Repair

I had mentioned previously that my highest priority repair for the 2017-2018 winter season was to fix the rust I had spotted on the front frame rail.  I located a shop in Rockville that could patch up the frame for a reasonable price.  This included treating for any additional rust that hadn’t developed into a problem yet.  They are a relatively new shop attempting to establish a name for themselves as a specialist in muscle cars.  They completed the job quickly, and hopefully I won’t have more rust issues for a long time.

While my car was in the shop, they informed me that the rear universal joint was bad.  I was a bit surprised to hear this since I had replaced it fairly recently.  But they were able to demonstrate the issue by grabbing the driveshaft and moving it up and down.  The play in the u-joint was obvious.  After I got the car back I replaced the u-joint.  I gave the car a test drive and it drove smoothly on the highway, so I’m considering the u-joint repaired at this point in time.