EPAS Preparation

Once again, the car show season has ended and I’m preparing for my winter projects. I’ve been collecting parts, and my plan is to install the electric power assist steering (EPAS) I purchased last winter. While I am working under the dash, I also plan to change my clutch linkage to use bearings rather than bushings which I hope will address my clutch pedal not always returning to its’ home position.

For the EPAS, I purchased a kit from EPAS Performance. This kit includes a tilt steering column from IDIDIT which has already been cut and has the electric motor preinstalled. The kit is quite expensive but is complete and appears to be an easy install. I’ll probably pay for saying that later when I do the actual install. Here is a picture of the kit, minus the steering column.

EPAS Performance Kit (w/o IDIDIT column)

While i am upgrading the steering, I decided to also install a rebuilt steering box. In 1967 Ford used multiple steering boxes in the Mustang. While there were other differences, the specification I am looking at is the steering gear ratio. Manual steering cars had a 19:1 ratio, while power steering cars had a 16:1 ratio, which results in quicker steering. I assume the manual steering cars had the 19:1 ratio to make them easier to steer. Since I will have power steering, I felt it made sense to swap to a 16:1 power steering box. The 19:1 box has about 4 5/8 turns from lock to lock. The 16:1 box has about 3 3/4 turns lock to lock. Switching steering boxes should quicken up the steering a bit by removing almost one full turn lock to lock.

Using the identification information on Stangersite to help find the correct steering box, I was able to purchase a used 16:1 steering box on Facebook Marketplace. I then sent it off to Chockostang to be rebuilt. Chockostang is an expert on Mustang steering boxes and is well known for doing quality rebuilds on them. Chockostang warned me up front that returning my box would be delayed because he would be on vacation. But as soon as he returned from vacation, I got my rebuilt steering box back in the mail. Here is what the rebuilt box looked like when I got it back.

Rebuilt Steering Box (SMB-K)

To address my clutch linkage issues, I ordered the full roller treatment from Opentracker Racing. I purchased their frame and block side pivots for the Z-bar, and the roller clutch rod kit. Then I purchased the Mustang Steve ball bearing clutch pedal shaft kit. After these parts are installed my clutch linkage will have all the bushings replaced with bearings and should operate as smooth as possible. Here are pictures of the clutch linkage parts.

Opentracker Frame Side Pivot
Opentracker Block Side Pivot
Opentracker Roller Clutch Rod Kit
Mustang Steve Roller Bearing Clutch Pedal Support Kit

While I am working under the dash, I may attempt to address some nagging issues, such as one A/C vent that blows less air than the others and replacing the dash knee pad. Right now, my motivation is less due to the cold. But hopefully I will find the proper motivation to get to work very soon as I hope to attend a lot more car shows and events this year as compared to the last several years.