Deluxe Wheel

Just wanted to post a quick note regarding my deluxe steering wheel.   I installed the wheel and test fitted the center crash pad again.  It only required a small dimple to get it to fit correctly.  So now I have the deluxe wheel install completed.

I also did some thinking about headliners and rear seat belts.  For the headliner I decided to try the molded headliner offered by TMI.  The install doesn’t require removal of the front and rear glass since it tucks under the windshield gaskets.  It also fits up closer to the roof fo the car so I will gain an inch or so of headroom.  I placed the order for the headliner about a week ago so I hope to be receiving it shortly.  Then I can complete the interior update.

For the rear seat belts I looked at installing 3 point belts identical to what I installed for the front seats.  I sat in the back seat and did some quick measurements.  What I determined is that the upper mount for the retractor would need to be a couple of inches above my shoulder.  I’m not sure I like that positioning.  I ended up ordering lap belts for the back seat that will match my front seat belts.  They are also on order and should be arriving within the next few days.

Once I finish installing the headliner I can install the rear view mirror, sun visors, coat hanger hooks, and dome light.  The windlace comes next.  Then the interior is done.  After that I plan to pursue having the car painted more actively.  I’ve been in touch with a few paint and body shops, but none of them are interested in tackling a project car.  It seems that insurance work and fender benders is more lucrative.  Hopefully I have a few leads on some shops that are willing to take on a bigger project.