Continuing Post Paint Assembly

It was a cold, foggy, rainy day today but I just really wanted to get some more work accomplished.  I decided to start out with something easy, installing the rubber bumpers under the trunk lid.  They popped right into place and the trunk lid closes a bit tight.  It looks like the lines for the rear chrome trim aren’t going to line up quite as nicely as I hoped.  I may have to do a bit of tweaking on the trunk lid alignment later on.

After the bump stops I moved on to the passenger door.  I installed the lock and door handle and checked to ensure that they both operated correctly.  I’ve done that job several times now so it is getting easier.  The best tip I can offer is to make sure you are wearing long sleeves so that you don’t scrape up your arms on the door.  I have an old sweatshirt that I wear just for these occasions.

The Scott Drake fender letters were next on my list.  I was a bit surprised to find that the inserts that press into the holes in the fenders and hold in the letters were made of metal.  All the ones I’ve used in the past were plastic.  I think I like the metal inserts better, although they can tear up your fingers a bit when you press them in.

I was running out of time since I started late and only had a couple of hours to work with.  For my last feat I installed the rubber bump stops that go in the fenders along the sides of the hood.  The new bump stops were all the same height, but I strongly recollect the originals as being two sizes, long in the back and short in the front.  I need to do a bit of research and possibly change the rear bump stops.  But for now the short ones will fit.

My new tail light housing should be arriving tomorrow afternoon.  The weather is predicted to be warmer, but it has a high probability of rain as well.  Hopefully I can squeeze in some more work tomorrow and at least get the tail lights installed and working.  If the weather permits I will also install the back up lights.  If so I can see how I like the new LED back up light bulbs I’m planning to install.

Until tomorrow.