West Friendship Car Show

It started out as a rainy day, but I decided to attend the West Friendship Car Show that was held at the Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum.  I got rained on a bit on the way to the show, but the weather cleared up and more cars started to roll in.  I had cleaning supplies so once the rain stopped I was able to dry off and clean up the car.  Everybody else either did the same or opted to arrive later after the rain had stopped.  On the way in there was a photographer taking pictures of all of the entrant’s cars.  That allowed them to offer items for sale with pictures on them.  So yes, I did get suckered into purchasing a t-shirt with a picture of my car on it.

As part of the entrance fee to the show I got a free tour of the museum.  It had some very interesting displays of farming and daily living from the 1600’s up through the 1900’s. They let us tour a one room schoolhouse, a house with no electrical appliances, and a dairy milking barn.  These display’s included a collection of appliances, tools, and household items from the time period.  The tour took about an hour and I was glad I went.

There were some really nice cars at the show.  Since the show was sponsored by the early Ford V8 club there were a good number of cars from the 30’s and 40’s which I enjoyed seeing on display.  There was a pair of his and her’s 1969 and 1970 mach 1 Mustangs that were in excellent shape.  They both won awards, which were presented to the top 40 vehicles based on the judge’s preferences.  The best bonus of all is that my car brought home a plaque as well.

Next show is in two weeks.  I hope I have as much fun next show.