Down on the Farm Car Show

The next show I attended was the Down on the Farm Car Show in Frederick, Maryland. My first challenge with this show was just finding my way there. I had printed out directions using Google maps. Unfortunately the directions were wrong. So I used the GPS and mapping software in my phone to help guide me there. These directions were also wrong. Both the directions I printed and the phone navigation software insisted on taking me to places on the highway in between exits and just leaving me there. Eventually I abandoned my Google navigation aids and found my way there the old fashioned way. I located the correct road and watched the addresses until I arrived at my destination. While the navigation software is usually pretty good, in this instance the modern navigation aids let me down.

Now that I had located the show everything else went smoothly. I got registered and parked. I was able to get a spot near a line of trees which provided a bit of shade for part of the day. I was parked next to a later model Cadillac, and I chatted with the owner for a bit. I also met a gentleman with a supercharged truck. I think he found me a bit amusing because I wasn’t too familiar with car show etiquette and also because I kept trying to venture back out into the heat rather than stay with him in the shelter we were sitting under. At one point he showed me an older copy of the LMC truck catalog, and his truck was on the cover. He also told me that his truck had about 500 HP. Too bad I didn’t get a ride in it.

For the time being I’m planning to relax and just do some minor detailing to the car. The next show is in two weeks. There are several shows that weekend, but I plan to attend a new show that is only about 2 or 3 miles from my home. I want to support the local business that is hosting the show rather than go to a larger show that is farther from home. We will see how that turns out.