Ride of the Month

I joined the Vintage Mustang Forums in 01/2014 to help me find information about repairing my Mustang. This forum turned out to be a wealth of information as it had many extremely experienced members who have restored and repaired many cars. I was mostly a lurker, using the site as a great resource. Occasionally I would make a post if I felt I had something useful to contribute.

On 3/22/2019 I was contacted by one of the moderators who wanted to know if I would like to have my car chosen as the ride of the month. Would I? You better believe I would!

I had to spend some time writing up the story of my car and attaching pictures. This wasn’t easy as I had 45 years of information to cover in only a few paragraphs. Still, I was able to put together a document, with pictures, to be posted on the forum. After the story is posted I’ll add a link to it in this posting.

Update: I was contacted by a site administrator for the VMF. He said my car was selected as the May 2019 ride of the month. I’ll post a link sometime in May after the VMF site is updated.

Update #2: Here is a link to the posting. https://forums.vintage-mustang.com/ride-month-winners/1156796-congratulations-sdcohe.html